We take great pride in the beautiful natural colour we are able to achieve with our spray tans. We stock several different shades with different base colours, including an organic option, to ensure no matter what your skin tone & desired result we have a tan to suit you. A tan can make or break an outfit so make sure you get yours done right! For our frequent tanners we have spray tan cards & a monthly tan deal that will make always being tanned super affordable.

A spray tan sits on the very top layer of skin, therefore the better you prepare and then care for your tan the better your tan will look for longer.

Before your tan

Good preparation will make a huge difference to the longevity of your tan. Leading up to getting a spray tan we recommend that you:

  • Exfoliate & moisturise in the week leading up to your tan, removing dry, dead skin and nourishing the new skin will mean your tan will last longer
  • Ensure any previous tan is removed so that your new tan can adhere to your skin
  • Complete any hair removal at least 12 hours before your tan

On the day of your appointment

  • Wear loose dark clothing, any tight clothes or shoes may rub your tan and cause marks
  • Ensure you have clean, dry skin with NO body products including deodorant, moisturisers, etc
  • In our tan room you will find a barrier cream that you can apply to any dry areas as this will assist to give you an even colour, dry skin absorbs more tan making it darker
  • Our staff will assist you in deciding what colour tan will suit your skin tone & give you your desired result

After your tan

  • You MUST avoid all water until your first shower which will generally be 1-3 hours after your appointment depending on how intense you want your colour to be
  • Your first shower must be a quick 60 second, luke warm rinse with no soaps or scrubbing
  • For the entire duration of your tan you need to pat dry after a shower as any friction on the skin will remove the very top layer of your skin including your tan
  • Using a gradual tan or tan extender will increase the longevity of your tan & can add some colour to areas where you would like to increase the intensity. We have several options in the salon to choose from