The Vital Dome is a French advanced infratherapy system that uses pure far infrared to regenerate the body from within, it’s a vital radiation of the sun and is natural and essential factor for growth and healing.


Vital Dome – Infratherpy
The body is heated directly by the heat of the radiation without increasing the ambient temperature and crosses the skin up to 4 cm deep. Warming occurs in the heart muscle tissue causing a significant sweating identical to that generated during a sustained physical effort.
Clinical Proven Studies
– 82% of users feel more relaxed
– 77% of users notice a skimmer silhouette
– 63% of users notice a firmer skin
– 77% of users notice lighter legs
– 73% of users notice an improvement in sleep quality
– 77% of users notice an improvement of their overall well-being
– Up to 4.0cm reduction on the waist line
– Up to 2.5cm reduction on the hips
– Up to 2.0cm reduction around the thighs
*Results reported after a course of 12 sessions over 1 month.

Benefits of infratherapy
Improves and regulates quality of sleep
Reduces stress and nervous tension
Reduces signs of chronic fatigue
Relaxes the muscles
Promotes deep relaxation

Health & well-being
Immune system stimulation
Pain reduction
Nervous system relief
Reduced blood pressure
Relieves rheumatism and joint pain
Acid-basic balance

Eliminates toxins (heavy metals, chemical residues, acids …)
Oxygenation of tissues
Reduction of edema
Stimulates skin functions

Beauty of the skin
Purify, firms & rejuvenates the skin
Regenerates damaged tissue
Reduces wrinkles
Relieves dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis
Calms burns

Sports and athletes
Improved physical and mental abilities
Improved fatigue management
More Effective Recovery
Oxygenation of muscles
Prevents tendin-muscular pain
Eliminates muscle stiffness and aches
Drains and eliminates toxins

Reduces the appearance of cellulite through drainage
Promotes the reduction of body fat
Relaunching drainage mechanisms
Improves blood and lymphatic circulation
Stimulates the metabolism

Winter Results: A total body warming, a feeling of heat that lasts more than 3 hours after and prevents winter diseases.

Summer Results: Decreases the sensation of heavy legs, reduction of edema and water retention, an immediate sensation of freshness and limits body odour.

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  • Hydrate adequately
  • Wear bather or underwear in the Vital Dome Infrared Sauna


  • Slide the large dome into the small dome to open
  • Lie on your back and bring the large dome back with the handles and fold the towel under your chin
  • You can change positions as many times as you like
  • If you touch the inside of the dome, the panels will be warm but never hot


  • Take advantage of this time, relax and breathe deeply through your belly
  • Sweating will begin approximately 15-20 minutes into your session
  • It is possible that you may feel a slight tingling, the pores of the skin dilate to evacuate toxins from the sebaceous glands
  • If you get too hot you can lift the towel to circulate the air
  • Stand up slowly at the end of the session
  • Drink lots of water to hydrate and continue to detoxify the body