“Cryo” means icy cold and “lipolysis” is the word for the breaking down of fat. It’s a perfect name for what it does: freezes away fat.

The development of this popular non-invasive fat loss procedure is based on the discovery of the process of applying precise and controlled cool temperatures to the body to trigger programmed fat cell death and the breakdown of the fat cells underneath. But simply put, Cryolipolysis is how you can lose fat by freezing it.

How Cryolipolysis Works

It all works because our fat cells are (very luckily) more easily affected by cold temperatures than our other cells, like in the skin and other tissues. Fat cells will freeze and die at a higher temperature than the other types. So, when applying cool temperatures to the skin for a prolonged period, the fat cells will crystalize and begin to die off, while the other cells won’t.

What Cryolipolysis Does

After a Cryolipolysis treatment, the injured fat cells that were frozen will begin to die off. Once they’re dead, they will be broken down through your body’s natural inflammatory response of the immune system. After that, they will be absorbed and processed out of the body like anything else. We also use a Fat Cavitation machine & schedule these appointments up to a week after your Cryolipolysis treatment to further assist this process. This will ensure the best results possible are achieved.

This process takes time, which is why fat loss results can take anywhere from 3 weeks to 3 months after a treatment to show. But, once the fat cells are removed, the treatment area will look 20 to 25 percent smaller. Some people only go through one treatment and are happy with their fat loss, but others return for multiple procedures to keep getting results.

What does it feel like

Surprisingly it doesn’t feel cold! Most clients feel no discomfort at all & spend the hour appointment relaxing. There may be some slight bruising afterwards which will last up to a few days and it is best to only do light exercise in the following day. Other than that all normal activities can be resumed straight away.

After Cryolipolysis you can expect:

  • Natural looking results
  • A confidence boost
  • No downtime
  • Long lasting results

What Cryolipolysis Won’t Do

It will not get rid of as much fat as liposuction surgery.

Cryolipolysis won’t make you lose weight. It’s only meant to reduce the appearance of pockets of fat. The amount of fat cells you will lose aren’t heavy enough to change the number on the scale.

Cryolipolysis isn’t a replacement for a healthy lifestyle. It’s meant for relatively active people who have a healthy diet but have pockets of hard to shift fat.

After Your Appointment

It is important after your appointment you stick to a healthy eating plan and consume lots of water to assist the body in flushing the dead fat cells. We will also schedule your Fat Cavitation appointments to follow up your Cryolipolysis session. We can also offer RF Skin Tightening to tighten, tone, firm & lift if needed to perfect your body sculpting.

Did you know our Vital Dome Infrared Sauna can also assist?