During your lash consultation we design a style to suit your eye shape, considering different curls, lengths and thicknesses, as well as working with your natural lashes to ensure there is no damage sustained to your natural lashes.

Lash extensions must be selected according to what your natural lash can sustain, otherwise you risk permanent damage to the hair follicle resulting in restricted natural lash growth. Lashes that are too long or too heavy for your natural lash WILL damage you natural lashes and your natural lashes may never recover.

Lash extensions can either be Volume Lashes (a fan of very fine lashes is applied to one natural lash) or Classic Lashes (a one-to-one application) depending on the type of look you desire. Most clients re-book every 3 weeks for a 45 minute refill, however this may vary depending on how full you’d like to keep your lashes, your lifestyle, etc.