Our machine is a Nd Yag Q switched laser which is designed to treat small tattoos.  All colours can be treated, however best results are achieved when removing black pigment. The laser is attracted to the tattoo pigment and explodes the pigment underneath the skin. The smallest particles are then flushed out via the lymph system and the remaining particles are then re-treated until the desired result is achieved. Due to this process the area cannot be re-treated for 8-10 weeks while your body processes the waste material.

Due to unknown variables such as pigment ingredients, depth of pigment, etc. there are no guarantees regarding the full removal of each individual tattoo.  Expected results and amount of treatments required will be discussed prior to the commencement of your procedure.

Post treatment there can be some redness, slight swelling, scabbing, etc. this is all part of the normal healing process. It is very important that the area is kept clean and dry whilst the healing process occurs.